Be the Hero! – Program Goals and Learning Objectives

(Abbreviated from the Leader's Kit from the Be The Hero! website. It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the content of the 

Leader's Kit before commencing with a group. It contains a lot of useful information that has been assumed in this annotated version.)

There are two important goals and learning objectives that underpin the website.

• The first goal is to promote real and effective engagement. We want the website to:

o Encourage discussion

o Interest group participants

o Assist group leaders to confidently facilitate discussion

• The second goal is to provide materials that are genuinely informative. These should:

o Provide a greater understanding about violence against women.

o Help participants navigate a range of ways they can safely intervene and actively reject all forms of violence. 



 Safety of the boys in your care is always the guiding principle for work with them. 

In this website context, safety is addressed by:

• Actively discouraging the disclosure of very personal information in the group context 

• Clearly telling the boys who is available to speak individually with them if they have private issues they wish to 


• Alerting the appropriate authorities if you have concerns about the safety of any of the boys in your care.

• Always making the personal safety of the boys as the first priority when discussing actions they can take to end

 violence against women.

• The anonymity of the responses to the questionnaires and website prompts. 


Student Login and Pre Program Questionairre

Please make every effort to utilise the pre and post testing as the information it gathers about both the educational and attitudinal impacts of the program will help you to demonstrate the value of Be The Hero! when trying to implement or continue its place in your curriculum.

To access this and other parts of the program students will need to log-in. 

In order to log-in, the leader needs to:

1. Create a group ID and register the group. The process is outlined in the first paragraph of the Be The Hero website.

2. Direct participants to log in as new users by creating a username and password. They will need their group ID*.

* The ID number is sent to the facilitator's email address when they register their group.