Session Four

Respectful Relationships

Go to the Be The Hero! website and look at this section.


• The characteristics of relationships that are respectful

 Students should spend time looking through the DVRC website

 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

It is an excellent website and you should feel comfortable to let 

them spend their own time navigating their way through it.

• How to support someone in an abusive relationship

  List 5 things you can do to help a friend out.

  Come up with a class plan to help others who are victims of violence.

• Services Ask your students to go online to find their own local services in the  areas of domestic violence.

• Relationships and Personal Stories

   How does your relationship stack up? 

   Get students to test their own relationship. Is it healthy or toxic?

Both the Be The Hero! website and the DVRC website are good resources for this.

Love Control (opposite)

Show your students the Love Control clip.

You can expand this session by utilising the excellent resources that accompany the clip.(see below)

Preventing Violence Against WomenLove Control is an educative short film about how to recognize abusive behaviour. For a copy of Love Control emailDanielle Houghton at WHIN or phone 03 9484 1666.

Note: It is a great pleasure for the Victorian Women's Trust to see the wonderful outcomes that resulted partly from a significant grant given by the Trust to the Women's Health in the North for this project.

• Post-group program questionnaire

It is really important that this questionnaire is completed by your group.

Information gathered here can help your organisation measure the effectiveness of the Be The Hero! program.

It also helps the Victorian Women's Trust when they contact organisations to ask how effectively the program ran.

You can now access graphed results from the pre and post questionairre results from your manager site on Be The Hero!