Most guys know this violence is unacceptable but more need to stand up and speak out. Through this program guys develop skills in rejecting a culture of violence...Men have a crucial role to play in preventing the violence that so many women suffer.

Dr Michael Flood, an Australian expert on violence prevention campaigns involving men

 I email you to recommend this excellent website which is a violence prevention program designed for use with boys and young men: www.bethehero.com.au

As someone who is well versed in effective online interventions (I managed the development and implementation of Kids Help Line's online counselling service, plus worked closely with Reach Out!), as well as violence prevention (through Australia's CEO Challenge and coordinating the White Ribbon Campaign in Queensland) I am well qualified to suggest you take a look and then promote to relevant staff and stakeholders.

It comes with exercises, media, quizzes etc for young people, as well as a comprehensive educators site (www.betheheroeducator.com), and was developed by the Victorian Women's Trust working with Northcote High School.

Wendy Reid

Executive Director